Large growing areas for scale and diversification

Our own fields are located strategically in two provinces, Cordoba and Santiago del Estero. We are also leasing land in Salta, in the north of the country, where we grow beans and chia seeds. The diversification of our locations helps us to minimise regional climate risk and ensure consistent production of high quality. We currently plant more than 30,000 hectares per year, with summer and winter harvest on some of our fields.

We are actively looking to lease more land in other parts of Argentina to hedge against any potential impact from climate change as well as future production volatility.

Our agricultural team has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the agricultural sector and the farming process. Thanks to the scale of our operations, various production modules are highly standardised, with comprehensive policies and procedures in place. This helps to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of operations and of the crops we grow.

Impressions of our fields

Our fields in Cordoba
Our fields in Santago del Estero